Flat tip scroll saw blades for wood & multipurpose

Made in Switzerland from the best carbon steel available, Pégas® blades are heat treated after machining; the only method that guarantees optimal strength and flexibility. With Pégas®, the scroll saw is truly powerful.

Made in Switzerland in our production plant in Vallorbe, our saw blades are of an exceptional quality never equalled before:

SUPER SKIP (5''/130mm)

Saw blade SUPER SKIP 9 12 pieces

Use the new Pegas® Super-Skip blade to achieve a smooth finish despite an aggressive blade. Specially designed for hard and semi-hard woods. The Super-Skip is also perfectly effective on acrylic glass at a reduced speed. The tooth spacing of the Super-Skip blade is wider than the tooth spacing of the normal Skip blade. This ensures very fast cutting and a smooth finish. Wood dust on the surface is swept away and the cutting edge remains clean. 

Item no.NameQuantityBlade thickness [mm]Cutting line [mm]Blade width [mm]Z/cmIPTPriceBuy
90.581BSUPER SKIP N°1x 144 pieces0.260.290.768.8CHF 39.49 VAT INCLUDED
90.581SUPER SKIP N°1x 12 pieces0.260.290.768.8CHF 4.30 VAT INCLUDED
90.583SUPER SKIP N°3x 12 pieces0.320.350.857.4CHF 4.30 VAT INCLUDED
90.583BSUPER SKIP N°3x 144 pieces0.320.350.857.4CHF 39.49 VAT INCLUDED
90.585SUPER SKIP N°5x 12 pieces0.360.41.026.5CHF 4.30 VAT INCLUDED
90.585BSUPER SKIP N°5x 144 pieces0.360.41.026.5CHF 39.49 VAT INCLUDED
90.587SUPER SKIP N°7x 12 pieces0.40.451.245.8CHF 4.60 VAT INCLUDED
90.587BSUPER SKIP N°7x 144 pieces0.40.451.245.8CHF 41.78 VAT INCLUDED
90.589SUPER SKIP N°9x 12 pieces0.440.491.35.1CHF 4.70 VAT INCLUDED
90.589BSUPER SKIP N°9x 144 pieces0.440.491.35.1CHF 43.52 VAT INCLUDED

SUPER HOOK (5''/130mm)

Saw blade SUPER SKIP 9 12 pieces

The new Pegas® Super-Hook range has been designed for high performance cutting of solid hardwoods. It can easily cut beech up to 75 mm thick. The Super-Hook blade is comparable to a real miniature band saw.

SKIP (5''/130mm)

Saw blade SKIP 9 12 pieces

The Skip universal scroll saw blade performs well on hard and semi-hard woods. The wide range of Skip models allows for complex shapes as well as rough cuts. It accepts fast working speeds and leaves a smooth finish.

Item no.NameQuantityBlade thickness [mm]Cutting line [mm]Blade width [mm]Z/cmIPTPriceBuy
90.402SKIP N°1x 12 pieces0.260.290.76922.7CHF 3.80 VAT INCLUDED
90.402BSKIP N°1x 144 pieces0.260.290.76922.7CHF 39.49 VAT INCLUDED
90.404SKIP N°3x 12 pieces0.320.350.857.519.5CHF 3.80 VAT INCLUDED
90.404BSKIP N°3x 144 pieces0.320.350.857.519.5CHF 39.49 VAT INCLUDED
90.406SKIP N°5x 12 pieces0.360.41.026.516.9CHF 3.80 VAT INCLUDED
90.406BSKIP N°5x 144 pieces0.360.41.026.516.9CHF 39.49 VAT INCLUDED
90.408BSKIP N°7x 144 pieces0.40.451.24614.9CHF 41.78 VAT INCLUDED
90.408SKIP N°7x 12 pieces0.40.451.24614.9CHF 4.00 VAT INCLUDED
90.410SKIP N°9x 12 pieces0.440.491.35.213.4CHF 4.10 VAT INCLUDED
90.410BSKIP N°9x 144 pieces0.440.491.35.213.4CHF 44.09 VAT INCLUDED

SKIP REVERSE (5''/130mm)

REVERSE SKIP 9 saw blade 12 pieces

The tooth geometry of the Skip Reverse is identical to that of the Skip, but this blade also has reversed teeth on the bottom. REVERSE blades prevent wood splintering on the lower part of the workpiece. Excellent blade for very soft woods.

Item no.NameQuantityBlade thickness [mm]Cutting line [mm]Blade width [mm]Z/cmIPTPriceBuy
90.428REVERSE SKIP N°3x 12 pieces0.320.360.856.516.4CHF 5.20 VAT INCLUDED
90.428BREVERSE SKIP N°3x 144 pieces0.320.360.856.516.4CHF 46.75 VAT INCLUDED
90.429REVERSE SKIP N°5x 12 pieces0.360.411.025.714.5CHF 5.20 VAT INCLUDED
90.429BREVERSE SKIP N°5x 144 pieces0.360.411.025.714.5CHF 46.75 VAT INCLUDED
90.430REVERSE SKIP N°7x 12 pieces0.40.461.245.113CHF 5.81 VAT INCLUDED
90.430BREVERSE SKIP N°7x 144 pieces0.40.461.245.113CHF 50.60 VAT INCLUDED
90.431REVERSE SKIP N°9x 12 pieces0.440.521.34.711.8CHF 5.81 VAT INCLUDED
90.431BREVERSE SKIP N°9x 144 pieces0.440.521.34.711.8CHF 50.60 VAT INCLUDED

DOUBLE SKIP (5''/130mm)

Saw blade DOUBLE SKIP 9 12 pieces

The tooth arrangement of the Double Skip blade ensures good chip evacuation and prevents the wood from burning. A fast blade for a smooth finish. Excellent for soft wood.

Item no.NameQuantityBlade thickness [mm]Cutting line [mm]Blade width [mm]Z/cmIPTPriceBuy
90.522DOUBLE SKIP N°1x 12 pieces0.260.290.768.521CHF 3.80 VAT INCLUDED
90.522BDOUBLE SKIP N°1x 144 pieces0.260.290.768.521CHF 32.70 VAT INCLUDED
90.524DOUBLE SKIP N°3x 12 pieces0.320.350.856.716.5CHF 3.80 VAT INCLUDED
90.524BDOUBLE SKIP N°3x 144 pieces0.320.350.856.716.5CHF 32.70 VAT INCLUDED
90.526DOUBLE SKIP N°5x 12 pieces0.360.41.025.815CHF 3.80 VAT INCLUDED
90.526BDOUBLE SKIP N°5x 144 pieces0.360.41.025.815CHF 32.70 VAT INCLUDED
90.528DOUBLE SKIP N°7x 12 pieces0.40.451.245.113CHF 4.00 VAT INCLUDED
90.528BDOUBLE SKIP N°7x 144 pieces0.40.451.245.113CHF 34.88 VAT INCLUDED
90.530DOUBLE SKIP N°9x 12 pieces0.440.491.34.411CHF 4.10 VAT INCLUDED
90.530BDOUBLE SKIP N°9x 144 pieces0.440.491.34.411CHF 36.82 VAT INCLUDED

DOUBLE REVERSE (5''/130mm)

DOUBLE REVERSE (5''/130mm)

Similar to the Double Skip but with reversed teeth for a splinter-free finish on the bottom of the workpiece. High performance blade for a variety of woods where overheating must be avoided.

MGT (5''/130mm)

REVERSE saw blade MGT 9 12 pieces

The MGT (Modified Geometry Teeth) is probably the best blade on the market. The specific tooth design makes this blade extremely powerful, allows fast feed speeds and smoothness, avoids overheating and splintering.

Item no.NameQuantityBlade thickness [mm]Cutting line [mm]Blade width [mm]Z/cmIPTPriceBuy
90.440REVERSE MGT N°3x 12 pieces0.320.360.854.912.4CHF 6.90 VAT INCLUDED
90.440BREVERSE MGT N°3x 144 pieces0.320.360.854.912.4CHF 80.69 VAT INCLUDED
90.441BREVERSE MGT N°5x 144 pieces0.360.411.024.411.3CHF 80.69 VAT INCLUDED
90.441REVERSE MGT N°5x 12 pieces0.360.411.024.411.3CHF 6.90 VAT INCLUDED
90.442BREVERSE MGT N°7x 144 pieces0.420.461.244.110.4CHF 80.69 VAT INCLUDED
90.442REVERSE MGT N°7x 12 pieces0.420.461.244.110.4CHF 6.90 VAT INCLUDED
90.443BREVERSE MGT N°9x 144 pieces0.440.521.33.89.6CHF 80.69 VAT INCLUDED
90.443REVERSE MGT N°9x 12 pieces0.440.521.33.89.6CHF 6.90 VAT INCLUDED

SPIRAL (5''/130mm)

Saw blade SPIRAL 7 12 pieces

The 360° toothing allows sawing in all directions. The workpiece does not need to be turned to make cuts, which makes it possible to create very closed angles. It also makes it possible to work on long workpieces that could not be turned on 16" or 21" scroll saws.

Item no.NameQuantityBlade thickness [mm]Cutting line [mm]Blade width [mm]Z/cmIPTPriceBuy
90.501BSPIRAL N°0x 144 pieces0.740.8621.354CHF 63.72 VAT INCLUDED
90.501SPIRAL N°0x 12 pieces0.740.8621.354CHF 6.00 VAT INCLUDED
90.502BSPIRAL N°1x 144 pieces0.760.92050.8CHF 63.72 VAT INCLUDED
90.502SPIRAL N°1x 12 pieces0.760.92050.8CHF 6.00 VAT INCLUDED
90.504SPIRAL N°3x 12 pieces0.861.0316.742.3CHF 6.00 VAT INCLUDED
90.504BSPIRAL N°3x 144 pieces0.861.0316.742.3CHF 63.72 VAT INCLUDED
90.506SPIRAL N°5x 12 pieces1.021.2214.336.3CHF 6.30 VAT INCLUDED
90.506BSPIRAL N°5x 144 pieces1.021.2214.336.3CHF 69.07 VAT INCLUDED
90.508BSPIRAL N°7x 144 pieces1.241.4412.531.8CHF 69.07 VAT INCLUDED
90.508SPIRAL N°7x 12 pieces1.241.4412.531.8CHF 6.30 VAT INCLUDED

METAL CUTTING (5''/130mm)

metal cutting 2

High quality blades for precise cutting of thin metals up to 3 mm (0.125 inch) thick and any other hard non-metallic material. A special heat treatment enables them to offer maximum performance with mechanical scroll saws. They can also be used manually.


skip progressive 5

The Skip "Progressive" blade has been designed for manual use. It is particularly resistant to breakage due to the progressive tooth arrangement on both sides of the blade. It is very easy to use, cutting starts smoothly and without resistance.
The Skip "Progressive" blade is suitable for all types of wood. Its unique cutting capacity and ease of handling make it a perfect choice for students, beginners and apprentices.


regular progressive 5

The Regular "Progressive" blade is based on the same principles as the Skip "Progressive" but has been designed for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and other materials harder than wood.


dovetail progressive 1

The first ever flat-tipped blade designed specifically for the woodworker for cutting in hardwood without hand mounts. All teeth are turned towards the centre of the blade, giving you a clean "side attack" on both sides. The spacing between the teeth has been carefully optimised to efficiently remove residue and allow the teeth to ensure a smooth continuous cut. The blades are thin enough to reduce the kerf left by a Japanese Dozuki saw; the teeth gradually taper to the ends of the blade, allowing the blades to attack the cut easily - even in fragile exotic woods.

REGULAR (5''/130mm)

regular 1

The universal tooth design makes this blade suitable for a wide range of applications. Very strong and easy to use but not recommended for narrow curves.

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