Clamping Head Kit

Clamping Head Kit (#SCP-C100)
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These new "Clamping heads" have been developed in Switzerland by Scies Miniatures/Pégas® in collaboration with the Engineering School in Yverdon HEIG.
Studies and tests have shown that the weight of the heads is directly related to the life and vibration of the machine.
These new heads, machined from aerospace aluminium, are 40% lighter than the original heads.
Vibrations are reduced to a minimum, operating comfort is improved and the mechanical parts are less stressed.
In addition, they are much more compact than the original heads and even easier to use.
The assembly of these new heads is very simple and takes only a few minutes.


  • More compact than the old heads
  • 40% lighter :
  • Less vibration for more comfort
  • Reduces mechanical stress for longer life
  • Easier and faster blade attachment

For all the following scroll saws:

  • Pegas SCP16 / SCP21 / SCP30
  • Excalibur EX16 / EX21 / EX30
  • Axminster Trade Series EX-16 / EX-21 / EX-30
  • Carbatec CTEX-16CEC or SS-400C / CTEX-21CEC or SS-530C / CTEX-30CEC or SS-760C
  • Excelsior/King 16 / 21 / 30 inches
  • Seyco ST-21
  • Jet JWSS-22
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