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Headquartered in Vallorbe, Switzerland, Scies Miniatures has been making authentic, top-of-the-range Swiss saw blades since 1966. Use the links below to discover how our cutting-edge products are acclaimed the world over.

The new SRP13 DUAL

The Pegas® SRP13 DUAL scroll band saw is a precision machine that can be used with both conventional cutting blades and Pegas® scroll bands.
Switching between conventional and scroll cutting modes takes only a few minutes. The SRP13 DUAL is supplied with a conventional ribbon, scribing ribbons, and mixed guides.

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Miniature Saws is the undisputed world leader in the field of saw blades for jewellers.



Miniature Saws manufactures and markets wood saw blades that are recognized as the best on the market. A unique and innovative range of machines completes the Pégas® assortment.

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